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    Instruction guide for Fabehe Hiplifter.

    Instruction guide for Fabehe Hiplifter.
    The hip lifter can effectively shape the female hip line, release the pressure, easily lift the hip muscles, and help shape the peach buttocks. The hip lift massage machine adopts the latest technology, which can improve the buttocks curve and shape a charming body. Smart Wearable Buttock Toner trainer. Lets understand how to use Fabehe Hiplifter and how it works.


    • Charge it for 2 hours before using it.


    • Stick the get pads by tearing the blue film attached. Stick the gel sheet on the pad, make sure it is smooth then gently tear out the transparent film. Now hiplifter is ready to use.
    • Please understand the front and back side of the Fabehe Hiplifter. The Back side will be stick to the skin.
    • Let us look at this picture below and understand how all functions works that includes On/Off and changing of all modes.
    • In the above picture, Please check which light indicates which mode.


    Important tips- Only when you stick the gel pads on your body, it will be start working. The gel sheets need to be replaced after 30 times using or more than 30 days. Hydrogels are consumables, you should replace it when obviously feeling the conduction performance decreased or getting dirt/grime that can not be removed exists.(Make sure the body is clean before each use, it is recommended to use after bathing.)


    Frequently asked Questions:

    1- Does it require 2-3 gel pads on the glutes?
    Answer- 1 for each sticky part.
    2- Can you wear it under your clothes?
    Answer- Yes.
    3- Do I remove the gel stickers or do I place the blue ones on the top?
    Answer- Use those gel stickers first. When they start getting unsticky or just dont look good, then change them out.
    4- Does it use Batteries?
    Answer- It works on Batteries.

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