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    Introduction to Fast Chopper

    Introduction to Fast Chopper

    iframeCutting, slicing and chopping vegetables and fruits is a very important part in the kitchen. Taste of your food also depends on the way you cut your ingredients. Many people spend a lot of time cutting, slicing and chopping these to ensure that these ingredients look good, taste good and cook good. They give their time, effort and also bear the risks of cutting fingers. 

    Fabehe is happy to introduce The FastChopper™ - Chopping Vegetable Slicer that not only reduces lot of manual efforts but also ensures that all vegetables and fruits are sliced, chopped and cut perfectly and reduces all risks of harming your hands. 

    The Fast Chopper comes with various blades and tools that allow flexibility to easily cut, slice, shred, chop fruits and vegetables in shapes and sizes. Such as a potato, you can make it into wavy or normal slices, strips or mash it easily or a carrot that can be cut, sliced to decorate your salad platter.

    The Fast chopper not only does its job faster, but also efficiently and with its blades all vegetables, fruits or even cheese can be cut in equal and proper shape and size that helps to decorate your food.The unique design prevents your hands from ever going near the built-in blades, making this tool the safest option for an expert slice.  Made of ABS material, does not contain BPA, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to clean. Does not produce harmful substances, you can rest assured to use.


    Why to use Fabehe Fastchopper.

    1- Reduces time- Chopping, cutting and slicing consumes a good amount of time that can be saved with Fabehe Fastchopper. It converts your chopping or cutting hours into minutes that you can spend with your family and friends. 

    2- Reduces the risks of cutting fingers- People try to cut or chop vegetables or fruits faster to save time but they end up with bleeding fingers. With Fastchopper’s unique design, cutting, slicing and chopping can be fun and keeps your fingers away from all harms.

    3- Perfect chopping- Fabehe’s Fastchopper not only saves time but with its different blades, chopping, cutting and slicing of the vegetables can be done perfectly and of same sizes. The chopping of the vegetables that you do with knife in hours, with Fastchopper it can be be done in minutes and your vegetables will be cut or chopped perfectly that gives perfect look to your food.

    4- Easy Maintenance- Fabehe fastchopper is manufactured with a durable and tough material. The blades are designed to keep your fingers safe and can be easily removed to clean and maintain after every use. After using the Fastchopper the box that stores the chopped ingredients can also be cleaned and washed easily, which makes it easy for people to maintain and gives Fastchopper a long life. So what are you waiting for? Grab one for yourself today and save time in cooking. You can place an order for Fastchopper here


    How to clean and maintain your Fastchopper.

    Frequently Asked questions-

    1- How to assemble the device?

    Ans- It just gets placed in the grove. No assembly required.


    2- Size of the opening of the vegetables?

    Ans- you can put vegetable with diameter 2.7 inch into food chute.



    3- Does it slice potatoes thin enough for air-fryer chips?

    Ans- Yes But please make sure not to push too hard on the potatoes since they’re softer.


    4- Would this make 1/4"and 1/2" fries?

    Ans- It will cut shoestring size and fries a little smaller than 1/2"


    5- How many different cuts can you do on Fastchopper?

    Ans- you can do different types of cuts of different widths/sizes -- slices, strips, julienne, and dices. Evenly slices potatoes for Au Gratin potatoes, slices loads of onions quickly for French onion soup, dices veggies fast for Gazpacho, swift fruit slicing for jam, makes quick work of salads components.


    6- How many thickness of slices can I do with Fastchopper?

    Ans- you can choose 40+difference thickness


    7- Can you slice a lemon?

    Ans- Yes. 


    8- Is it dishwasher safe?

    Ans- Yes.


    9- Should I wash before first use?

    Ans- We recommend you to wash before use.


    10- Will it shred cabbage? 

    Ans- It will slice cabbage but you would have to cut it down to size a lot in order to use it.


    11- Does it slice carrots and sweet potatoes?

     Ans- Yes. The Sweet potatoes will have to be cut down to a smaller size.  You'll also have to cut the carrots length in half as well, then bunch them up to fit in the feed chute. You'll be amazed at how fast you can do it too.


    12- Do you have to use the food pusher for everything?

    Ans- If your food is longer than the feeder, then you don't have to use a food pusher. But when food is shorter than a feeder, it is best to use a pusher to keep your fingers safe.


    13- How do you attach the blade?

    Ans- The blade is built in. No need to attach the blade. You have dials on the back to select the type of cut and thickness of your veggies or processed meats. A paper guide pamphlet comes with it with instructions to guide you through the individual cuts.


    14- How safe is this product?

    Ans- Using this item is very safe compared to other cutters. Cleaning is easy and safe if you use the tool brush supplied.


    15- How durable is the plastic? Will it snap if used heavy pressure?

    Fabehe Fastchopper is made of tough, durable material and you dont have to worry about damage to the product if you put heavy pressure. But, we recommend you to avoid such a "method" but that is certainly a way it could snap under heavy pressure. The legs have suction pads that keep the mandolin in place very well. If Used correctly, it's very durable and will last.


    16- Is this BPA free?

    Ans- This item is BPA free, please note. And it's very safe for cutting vegetables or fruits.


    17- Can you slice eggplant for eggplant parmiagiana with this device?

    Ans- No you can not slice anything that is large. The food needs to be cut up to go into the slicer.


    18- Can I make Julien at around 3mm ?

    Ans- yes,and it actually can cut food into 0-7mm or 0-8mm.

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