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    Introduction to Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine

    Introduction to Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine

    We all love fruits and vegetables in our food. It gives us a lot of minerals and energy. Eating fruits in different seasons is so refreshing and beneficial for us. But it is very important to choose the right vegetables and fruits for our diet. Even dirty and unwashed fruits and vegetables can harm our body and can cause many life risking diseases. 


    It is very important to clean and wash your fruits and vegetables. Eating cleaned fruits and vegetables can also protect you from many diseases like heart disease, stroke and even cancer. But cleaning and washing your vegetables and fruits consumes a lot of time and also doesn't remove all impurities if we wash them with our hands. 


     To solve this problem, Fabehe is happy to introduce Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine- USB Rechargeable Wireless Food Purifier 

    Why do we need Fruit & Vegetable washing machine?

    1- The fruits and vegetables that we wash with our own hands still has some impurities that can be harmful and can cause some life risking diseases.

    2- The Fruit & Vegetable washing machine uses Hydroxy Water Ion Purification Technology.  It uses water as raw material to achieve high-efficiency purification in three steps: Electrolysis (water is decomposed into OH- and H+ under the action of electrolytic material)  2.Degradation (OH- will destroy chemical molecule of residual and cell walls, make it becomes harmless) 3.Deep Purification (OH- and Cl combine into HClO, will deeply degrade residues and harmful ingredient)

    3- Washing your fruits and vegetables consumes lot of time and energy with Fruit & Vegetable washing machine you can save that time and spent it with your family and friends or can spent that time in other important activities. By just pressing the switch to turn the fruit and vegetable washing machine on. The food cleaner can quickly clean food in 10mins, and allow you to enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables. The top cover can be removed for deep cleaning after each use.

    4- The Fruit & Vegetable washing machine not only wash and cleans your fruits and vegetables but also it takes less space in your kitchen. The fruit and veggie cleaner device is easy to carry, and can be used widely in many scenarios: In your Kitchen at home or when Traveling Outdoors, Picnics, and Camping. Fit inside your Kitchen sink, Vegetable basket, and small Zip bags. Grab this useful Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine today from here and start eating clean and healthy fruits and vegetables.

    How to use Fabehe Fruit & Vegetable washing machine? 

    1- Please ensure to charge it before using it. The green light flashing indicates that its charging. After charging, the green light is always on.

    2- Put the fruits and vegetables that you to wash into the sink, and add water with a temperature not exceeding 40°C. It is recommended not to exceed above 5L of water.

    3-  During washing, occasionally stir the fruit and vegetables, and the cleaning effect will be better. The electrolyzed water smells of detergent, please be rest assured, it is a normal phenomenon.

    4- Once the Fruit & Vegetable washing machine is done with washing, it will beep 3 times and the lights will turn off. Let the fruits/vegetables rest for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse them with clean water as you take them out.


     The cleaning and maintenance notes say to keep the machine's internal chamber free of debris and you can twist the top off to clean it. Don't unscrew the middle section open.

    After using the machine, twist the top off to quickly drain water from it.

    Do’s and Dont’s 


    Always put only the capsule shaped Washing machine in the bucket or sink with fruits and vegetables that you want to wash.

    Once the cleaning of fruits and vegetables is done, throw that water away and just simply put your vegetables and fruits under running water for two minutes and then you can use it.

    Always charge your fruits and vegetables Washing machine only for 2-4 hours before using it and then remove it from charging then use it.


    Do not add any soap, salt, vinegar or any other chemicals in water to clean your fruits and vegetables.

    Do not put your fruits and vegetables Washing machine in the water while it's charging or attached to the charging device.

    The Chemicals that you see or smell after the cleaning is done, should be thrown away and washed under water for best results. Please don’t assume that it's malfunctioning.

    Do not clean your fruits and vegetables with this fruits and vegetables Washing machine for more than 10-12 minutes.

     We also want to share a brief instruction video that was given to us by a real customer where she explains how this works in details. 

    Frequently Asked Questions-

    1- Does it comes with USB Charger?

    Ans- Yes.

    2- What is the power of Fruit and Vegetable washing Machine?

    Ans- Battery: built-in 3000mAh.  Power: 5V/8W.

    3- How do I know if its charged?

    Ans- Please charge it before use.

    4- How long does it takes to charge it?

    Ans- It takes1-2 hours for it to charge completely, and the green light is always on when fully charged.

    5- What is the thing that this machine releases while cleaning? Is it chemicals? How does it clean the produce? Does it clean the Pesticides?

    Ans- What you see bubbling in the water is water electrons. The device actually using water as raw material to product high-energy OH-ion, which quickly degrade harmful substance into harmless substance. No chemical addition. It kills pathogenic microorganisms through oxidation reactions, and take care of the health of children and families in a safer way. 

    6- Do I need to put only water with it to wash?

    Ans- Yes. Only water is required, no need to add soap, vinegar or any other chemicals.

    7- How long does this take to clean the fruit and veggies?

    Ans- Cleaning time is about 10 minutes.

    8- How do you use the scale remover packet that comes with it?

    Ans- Unscrew the cap and clean the electrolytic tablet. The cleaning time depends on the degree of scale. If you use it with a brush every day, you basically don't need to foam scale remover. Just put it a little. If it is cleaned once in a few months, then a quarter or half or even a whole package, and you can wash it with white vinegar baking soda.


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