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    Kitchen Retractable Sink Rack Organizer

    Kitchen Retractable Sink Rack Organizer

    We all love cooking and wants to keep our kitchen organized specially our sink area. Most of the time our sink is all messed up due to a lot of things we keep around it.

    Fabehe has solved this issue by introducing Kitchen Retractable Sink Rack Organizer 

    Our telescopic sink storage rack can freely adjust the length, according to the size of the sink, to meet different needs, suitable for 36.5-50 cm/14.3-19.5 inch square sink. The kitchen telescopic sink shelf can store dish washing liquid, hand soap, sponges, dish cloths and brushes, so that your sink keeps away from clutter and convenient for daily cleaning.

    Salient Features.

    • Prevents Bacteria From Growing In Stagnant Water
    • Ventilated Drain Keeps Cleaning Utensils Dry, Clean & Hygienic
    • Easy-To-Store Cleaning Utensils
    • Extensible Design Fits All Sinks Sizes
    • Easy Installation With No Punching

    Purpose of Sink rack?

    Sink rack or basin racks are very important if you want to keep your kitchen counter or sink clean and organized. They can be used to keep your utensils cleaners brushes and wipes in the racks that makes it easier for you to access these whenever you need. Sink rack also has a small container to collect food waste that you can put it in trash after you are done with cleaning your kitchen utensils.

    How to install.

    There is no need to drill holes and do not damage the sink, this kitchen adjustable sink rack has a humanized design, easy to remove and wash.

    The telescopic kitchen sink caddy sponge holder can keep towels, rags and other fabrics dry and ventilated, and can be hidden on the side of the storage rack when not in use, without taking up extra space. Perfect sink storage rack holder! It is very innovative, problem solving product to make your work easy in your kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Grab this amazing sink rack today from here.

    There are 2 different drainage holes in our telescopic sponge holder, that meets the drainage needs of your different items, quickly drainage. You can keep the cleaning tools and tableware dry, ventilated, and clean with our telescopic sink caddy

    How to clean and maintain your kitchen sink rack?

    Step 1- Disassemble your sink rack carefully.

    Step 2- Brush/scrub all parts of your kitchen sink rack gently with soap.

    Step 3- Clean and rinse it with hot water to remove all stains and impurities.

    Step 4- Reassemble your kitchen sink rack and install it easily in your sink and that's it, you're all set.

    Frequently asked questions-

    1- What is the dimension?

    Answer- 50X10.5X5.5cm

    2- Is this dishwasher safe for cleaning?

    Answer- Absolutely. The sink rack is made of high quality material



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