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    Wire Organizer

    Wire Organizer

    Is your workplace, kitchen or bedroom is tangled with wires?

    Are you having a hard time in keeping your wires organized?

    Fabehe is happy to solve this problem for you by introducing a great product called Universal Wire Organizer.

    With Universal Wire Organizer you can easily Say NO to tangled wires. Weather its your kitchen appliances, workplace, TV and music system or anywhere your wires are unorganized and tangling with each other, Universal Wire Organizer can solve this problem in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get it today from here.

    Keep Your Kitchen Tidy- The messy appliance cords make the kitchen cluttered and prone to safety hazards, Universal wire organizer solves this problem and easily organize cords and keep your kitchen tidy. 

    Widely Compatibility- Universal wire organizer is very much compatible with surfaces made of glass, ceramics, wooden board, plastic, metal, tiles, wallpaper, leather. It can easily stick any surface and organizes wires of all kinds of kitchen equipment, such as coffee machines, air fryer, blenders, pressure cooker, toaster, juicer.

    High-quality Materials- Universal wire organizer comes with the unique butterfly design and is more in line with kitchen equipment and more beautiful. This product is made of high quality rubber, which is durable and will not deform.

    How to use?

    Step 1- Clean the surface properly where you want to stick the Universal wire organizer. (if its wooden or if it is surface of any electronic appliance. Use dry cloth to clean the surface)

    Step 2- Remove the sticker from the back of the organizer and stick on the cleaned surface.

    Step 3- After sticking the universal wire organizer, please wait for an hour so that its most standard 3M glue can take provides its stronger stickiness.

    Step 4- That's it, you're all set, organize your wires and make that place tanglefree.


    Frequently Asked questions.

    1- Can Use ducktape or any other glue?

    Answer- No, you dont need to use any ducktape or any other glue. Universal wire Organizer comes with its 3M super glue that can provides strong stickiness.

    2- Is it allergic?

    Answer- No, it is not allergic, all you have to do is stick on the straight surface and organize your wires.

    3- Is it sturdy?

    Answer- Universal wire organizer is made of high quality food -grade soft silicone, healthy and safe, non -toxic, silicone -free, BPA Free, sturdy and durable, and not easy to deform.

    4- On which surfaces will Universal wire organizer sticks?

    Answer- Any flat surface which is mafe of Glass, Plastic, Metal, Bricks, Wood, leather, tiles or wallpaper. Just ensure it is cleaned and dry before you stick universal wire organizer.

    5- How do they respond to heat?

     Answer- This product is tested to withstand the normal high temperature of household appliances without dropping.

    6- How good does it hold on appliances like Slow Cooker?

    Answer- They can be put and easily organize wires of slow cooker, toaster, blender and any household electronic appliances.


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