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    Hand Pump Foam Sprayer for Car Wash and Home Gardening (2 Litre)

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    Craving showroom-worthy car cleaning results without the hassle?

    Elevate your car cleaning game with our Hand Pump Foam Sprayer. Enjoy spotless results as it efficiently eliminates dirt and grime. Featuring a pressure relief valve for safety, a finger grip handle for precise control, and crafted from durable engineering plastic for long-lasting reliability.


    • Foam Sprayer: Experience unparalleled cleanliness with the foam sprayer feature, meticulously ensuring every nook and cranny of your car is thoroughly cleaned, leaving behind no traces of dirt or grime for a spotless finish.

    • Pressure Relief Valve: The pressure relief valve prevents over-pressurization of the water, ensuring that the nozzle doesn't break or malfunction.

    • Finger Grip Handle: The inclusion of a pressure relief valve is integral, as it effectively prevents the over-pressurization of water within the system, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the nozzle and preventing potential breakage or malfunction for sustained performance.

    • Engineering Plastic Material: Crafted from resilient engineering plastic, this nozzle is engineered for longevity, ensuring it withstands rigorous use and remains durable over time, making it a reliable choice for your cleaning needs.


    • Versatile Foam Generation and Pressure Control System: Manually press and pump to fully mix water with car wash to create rich and creamy foam, or mist water with high pressure. If the pressure is too high in the pot, you can release air through the safety valve.

    • Convenient Slider Lock Feature: Designed with a slider lock to save your finger. Press down the trigger and lock the slider, then the pot will spray automatically.

      • Robust Construction:The utilisation of Rugged Polypropylene (PP) construction guarantees exceptional durability, providing resistance against wear and tear, while also ensuring corrosion-resistant properties.

      • Dilution Control: Effortlessly blend water and car wash detergent at a recommended 1:50 ratio with our user-friendly design. Our foam kettle features a scale line for precise measurements.

      • Versatile Dual-Nozzle System:Equipped with two nozzles ā€“ a 55Ā° Shower nozzle and a Watering nozzle ā€“ for effortless car washing or garden watering.Ā 



      • Capacity: 2L
      • Size: Approximately 12.5 * 12.5 * 33cm
      • Material: PP
      • Net Weight: About 400g


      • 1 x Sprayer
      • 2 x Nozzle


      • The foam kettle body has a scale line, and the added water cannot exceed 1.5L. The ratio of car washing liquid and water is 1:50, and the bubble effect is better.

      • Stop pumping if it is hard to press down the bar.

      • It is recommended to clean the pot body after use, and the sponge inside the nozzle should be taken out regularly for cleaning.

      • This product is a small high-pressure kettle, and continuous pressure pumping is prohibited.



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