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    Fabehe Electric Foot Grinder

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    How it works

    Our Electric Foot Grinder features two modes, slow and fast, and comes with thick and thin heads to suit your needs, making it a breeze to transform your feet!


    Using the Electric Foot Grinder is a breeze, and it works like a charm. Just choose your desired speed (slow or fast) and the right attachment (thick or thin), and switch it on.

    Glide the gadget gently over your clean, dry feet, and let it whisk away dead skin and rough spots while tidying up the mess.

    Complete your pampering session with a bit of moisturizer for feet that feel soft and look lovely. It's as easy as that to treat your feet to a spa-like experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

    Unveil Smooth, Callus-Free Feet

    The Fabehe Electric Foot Grinder will make your feet look and feel amazing!

    Instant Results

    See results instantly with Fabehe Electric foot Grinder. The device's precision heads gently remove dead skin and calluses, leaving your feet soft and smooth.

    No Mess

    TheĀ Fabehe Electric foot Grinder includes a built in vacuum that powerfully cleans and clears the debris.


    The sensation is closer to a vibrating massage than any sort of discomfort.

    Travel Friendly

    It's easy to keep the Fabehe Foot Grinder close with it's convenient and portable size.

    Look At How Others Are LovingĀ Fabehe Electric foot Grinder.

    These people are actual Fabehe Electric foot grinder customers that have seen results with consistent use of the LUMI Electric Foot Grinder.


    Unveil smooth, Callus-Free Feet

    Use It Anywhere!

    The Fabehe Electric Foot Grinder was designed with feet in mind, however, it can be used on any part of the body!

    Many other common areas of relief it provides, include:Ā hands, knees, elbowsĀ and of course,Ā feet! This multipurpose device will help you achieve relief a makeover and relief wherever you need it!

    Reveal Your Beautiful Feet Today

    Experience a complete foot makeover with theĀ LUMI Foot Grinder.

    It'sĀ painless, reusableĀ (up to 30x)Ā and features aĀ built-in vacuumĀ for easy clean ups.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I use it?

    The device should be used as needed with no maximum recommended usage. Please remember to listen to your body, and if for any reason you feel uncomfortable, stop and let your skin have a break.

    Is it safe for all skin types?

    Yes! We include many heads that can be swapped out to pertain to all skin types including other regions of the body that aren't your feet.

    Can I use it on wet feet?


    How do you empty the vacuum compartment?

    Just detach the removable head and dump the contents in the trash!

    Can I use it on other body parts?

    While our device was designed to be used on feet, it can be used on any part of the body, including but not limited to hands.



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