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    SmartFoam Pro: Automatic Inductive Soap & Alcohol Dispenser

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    Say goodbye to messy pumps! Say hello to our Automatic Inductive Soap Dispenser – your key to effortless hand hygiene!

    Elevate your hand hygiene with our Automatic Inductive Soap Dispenser. Effortlessly control foam volume for thorough cleaning without residue. Say goodbye to battery replacements with its convenient plug-in design. Just charge fully before use to unleash its full potential. Experience cleanliness redefined with every pump!


    • Hands-Free Dispensing: Say goodbye to manual pumping with our automatic soap or alcohol dispenser, offering convenience at your fingertips.

    • Smart Sensor Technology: Featuring an inductive sensor, this dispenser detects hand proximity, triggering automatic dispensing without any hassle.

    • Effortless Foam Dispensing: Enjoy the benefits of a foam soap solution that spreads evenly, thanks to our dispenser's innovative design, ensuring clean and refreshed hands with every use.

    • Optimal Foam Density: Enjoy a luxurious hand washing experience with our dispenser's precise foam density control, providing the perfect balance of cleanliness and comfort.

    • Plug-and-Play Convenience: Our dispenser features a hassle-free plug-in design, eliminating the need for battery replacements and ensuring continuous, uninterrupted operation.



    • Model: Foam Soap Dispenser
    • Size: 187 mm "72mm" 107 mm
    • Net Weight: 268 grams
    • Liquid capacity: 400 milliliters
    • Power supply: USB charging
    • Response speed: 0.25 seconds
    • Sensing distance: 0-70mm
    • Waterproof Level: Px4
    • Method of Generating Liquid: Infrared Automatic Sensing
    • Material: ABS



    • Ensure full charge before use, as the dispenser cannot be used while charging.




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