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    Welding High-Strength Oily Glue | BUY 2 GET 1 FREE (3 PCS)

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    Tired of inferior glues that fail to deliver?

     Superior To All "Super-Glues"

     Instant Bond


     Big Value Pack

    Say goodbye to weak bonds and hello to our High-Strength Oily Glue, designed to outperform other glues in strength and durability. 

    You'll never buy another so-called "super glue" again once you experience the unmatched strength and reliability of our High-Strength Oily Glue.


    Introducing our Welding High-Strength Oily Glue, the ultimate glue for repairing and restoring your cherished items. Its unique formula and design make it a must-have for DIY enthusiasts and anyone looking to fix broken items with ease.


    ✓ Instant Bond: Experience the power of instant bonding with our oily glue. It repairs broken items, forming a strong bond instantly, saving you time and frustration.

    ✓ Superior Resistance to Oils and Chemicals: Especially formulated to provide excellent resistance, ensuring your bonds remain intact even in challenging environments.

    ✓ Like it's New: Restore your items to their original look by securely adhering loose ends back to their normal shape. Give your items a second life and enjoy their beauty and functionality once again.

    ✓ Dry In 10 seconds: Our quick-drying formula allows for easy and efficient repairs. Experience the magic as the glue sets in just 10 seconds, providing you with a strong and durable bond.

    ✓ Waterproof: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a waterproof repair. Our high-strength glue ensures the bond remains intact even after multiple washes, providing long-lasting durability.

    ✓ Shockproof: Say goodbye to worries about tension and stress on the repaired area. Our adhesive's shockproof feature ensures that the bond maintains its strength and durability, even under pressure.

    ✓ Soft And Strong: Unlike cement glues, our oily glue provides a soft and strong bond. It remains flexible and resilient over time, avoiding the brittleness and hardness associated with other adhesives.

    ✓ Safe On Skin: Repair with confidence! Our glue is safe to touch and apply to the area in need of repair. You can spread it using your fingers without the risk of harming your skin.

    ✓ Wide Applicable: From rubber and plastic to porcelain, glass, metal, wood, leather, and more, our versatile adhesive is suitable for various crafts and repairs. It's your go-to solution for fixing a wide range of materials.

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    Package Includes:

    Welding High-Strength Oily Glue 


    • Color: Clear
    • Net Content: 50g (Grams)
    • Product size: about 3.2*11cm

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