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    Wooden Match Stick Memory Chess Game

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    A fun game that helps to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, exercise observation ability, cultivate memory, develop thinking ability, and improve concentration.

    Easy to play:

    1. Put all the pieces on the board, then throw the dice on the board to see what color of the dice show;

    2. Corresponding to the color of dice, find the same colorā€˜s piece according your memory;

    3. If you get the same color, the piece will be your own and, you can throw the dice again to continue playing;

    Otherwise, put the piece back to the original and the next participant rolls the diceļ¼Œ and looks for the piece;

    4. At last, the side with the most pawns wins.

    Wooden puzzle games and educational toys donā€™t need to be boring. This memory and matching game helps withĀ cognitive development, hand eye co-ordinationĀ andĀ problem solving skills.

    At the young age, the game can enhance your childā€™s brain. ItĀ improves IQ, raisesĀ bonding with parents, and makes their brains accurate. It alsoĀ prevents them to depend on gadgets.

    There areĀ 3 different ways of playing the game. Instructions on how to play this memory game is included on the box.
    The one with theĀ maximum number of pawnsĀ is the winner, or
    The one with theĀ first four pawns of the same colorĀ wins, or
    The first one with theĀ six pawns of different colorsĀ wins.

    SUITABLE AGE 3-100!
    This great family board game will appeal to both theĀ young and adults. It is a great gift forĀ young children, family, andĀ people who suffer early dementia. The game is fun to play, easy to learn or make up oneā€™s own rules and it can be kept for a long time.

    Made ofĀ safe wooden materialĀ andĀ non-toxic water paint, allow you to use with reassurance. With painted smooth surface layer, itĀ does not hurt kidsā€™ hands.



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